Development Log (V5)

Development Log

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Version 5.7.6688.20371 - 4/24/2018

Program changes:

  • Added ability to load additional dynamic objects distributed separately from the main application
  • Added ability to add additional languages for localization (add new entry to language names collection)
  • Added localization support for object part names
  • Updated new version notification to continue working after upcoming server migration
  • Fixed inability to set default values for values in the Quote tab whose checkboxes have been checked
  • Fixed crash when saving a rendered image when unable to write to the user's Documents folder
  • Fixed crash when saving a page as an image and an insufficient memory error occurs
  • Fixed crash when displaying release notes for a new version when the Calibri font is corrupted
  • Fixed crash when duplicating a dynamic object when the object couldn't be reconstructed

Estimation changes:

  • Updated accessory pricing and item numbers
  • Updated Estimation Tab Contents sample page layout
  • Updated user guide with new section "When Options Are Used" and updated instructions for staple-on


  • Slide On Wire: Added new hardware pad eye, snap hook, eye bolt, lag bolt, turnbuckle, clamp, thimble, wire loop
  • Slide On Wire: Added BOM tab for hardware components (in estimation panel)
  • Slide On Wire: Added individual beam setback parameters
  • Hipped End: Fixed alignment of sign band and valance fabric when back fabric is enabled
  • Fixed top plates being displayed in some cases after poles were turned off
  • Renamed Shade Tree objects to Shade Panel



  • Added 14 Phifertex Solid 17x11 54" fabrics
  • Added 31 Phifertex Plus 54" fabrics

Version 5.7.6631.31639 - 2/26/2018

Program changes:

  • Added ability to add accessories such as Z-brackets, lag bolts, cement anchors and eggcrate to various awning styles
  • Added ability to export fabric panel data to Autometrix Eclipse, where it can be reviewed and then sent to an automated cutting table (right-click on object in scene, Export to Autometrix Eclipse)
  • Added initial multi-language support, with the ability to customize English text including content such as awning style names (shift+click on text)
  • Added exchange rate option (in File->Options), affects default estimation cost settings
  • Added support for importing glTF 3D model files
  • Changed discontinued fabric image files to be stored online instead of included in the program installer
  • Changed behavior when opening new backdrop image to no longer remember scale/ground information about a backdrop between sessions
  • Changed importing OBJ files so that objects from MPanel software can be aligned to the ground by default
  • Changed HTTPS networking to use TLS 1.2 instead of 1.0 for improved security and compatibility
  • Changed frame parts list to show miter angles as either 0 or 90 degrees for straight cuts instead of leaving it blank
  • Changed frame parts list CSV export feature to always export miter angle columns even when no mitered cuts are present
  • Fixed frame parts list to take into account object quantity and better handle multiple objects in the scene
  • Fixed parts list in page layout to better handle multiple objects in the scene and different substitution target settings
  • Fixed crash when editing tables in page layout
  • Fixed crash when using the color picker eyedropper with a stylus on a Microsoft Surface tablet
  • Fixed crash when opening invalid default values XML file

Estimation changes:

  • Changed allowance terminology to match Autometrix: Header Allowance is now Top Bar Allowance, Back Allowance is now Down Bar Allowance
  • Changed default seam allowance to 1/2"
  • Added rafter lacing strip calculations
  • Added thread calculations
  • Added a new End Rafter Allowance value when the sides of the top fabric are attached to the frame instead of being sewn to side panels
  • On the Quote tab, changed the title of "Options" to "Job Options" to help fabricators understand that these options are applied to the job and not individual awnings when there are multiple awnings in a quote
  • On the Quote tab, job options such as sales tax, installation, discounts, etc. will now show "see total for all objects" for these items when the user is displaying an individual awning and there are multiple awnings in a quote
  • Added ability to specify custom names for Additional Charge values
  • Added ability to show valance style name in quote and page layout
  • Added fabric alignment properties to Fabric tab for Main fabric and Side fabric (used for Autometrix interface only right now)
  • Changed default mileage rate from $0.57 to $0.54 per mile
  • Improved "Add to cart" usability (added cart column header with item checkboxes, disable button when no addable items selected)
  • Fixed incorrect results for price breakdown with multiple objects
  • Added line items to sample page layouts for sales tax, price breakdown (fabric, frame, labor)
  • Removed example expiration date value from sample page layouts (should be manually entered on a per-quote basis)


  • Added Scrollwork object (in Misc. tab)
  • Box Enclosure: added a bottom frame and fabric option, added parameters to control frame and fabric separately, added parameters to control left and right fabric separately and added sign band and valance options
  • Box Enclosure: added ability to add to the bottom of the following to create an enclosure: Concave, Convex, Gable Marquee, Hipped Canopy, Hipped End, Pyramid, Round Marquee, Round Nose Traditional, Rounded Traditional and Traditional
  • Box Enclosure: added ability to add to the back of the following to create an awning extension under a soffit: Concave, Convex, Round Nose Traditional, Rounded Traditional and Traditional
  • Changed default support spacing for Rigid Flat Panel and Box Enclosure
  • Fixed valance placement for Round Marquee Top Corner and similar objects
  • Fixed Spear to follow the front bar on Open Traditional when its angle is changed
  • Removed unnecessary straight length parameters from Arc group for Concave
  • Removed experimental Traditional w/ Accessories object (replaced by new accessories system)

Fabrics: (click here for detailed change lists)

All fabrics
  • Updated default fabric list prices, braid list prices and shipping costs
  • Added selvage data (used in estimation)
  • Added 15 Arcade FR 59" fabrics
  • Added 15 LAC 650 SL 58.5" fabrics
Serge Ferrari
  • Removed 38 Precontraint 502 Classic 70.8" fabrics
  • Removed 10 Precontraint 502 Stripes 70.8" fabrics
  • Removed 5 Soltis 86 69" fabrics
  • Added 2 Soltis 86 69" fabrics
  • Added 3 Soltis 86 105" fabrics
  • Removed 9 Soltis 92 69" fabrics
  • Added 7 Soltis 92 69" fabrics
  • Added 1 Soltis 92 105" fabric
  • Removed 12 Soltis 93 105" fabrics
Glen Raven
  • Removed 2 Firesist 60" fabrics
  • Added 4 Firesist 60" fabrics
  • Added 8 Sunbrella 80" fabrics
  • Removed 3 Awntex 70 60" fabrics
  • Removed 12 Awntex 120 60" fabrics
  • Removed 2 Awntex 120 98" fabrics
  • Added 9 Awntex 160 60" fabrics
  • Added 3 Awntex 160 98" fabrics
  • Removed 8 Calabana 31" fabrics
  • Moved Natura fabric line from Herculite to Trivantage
  • Removed 4 Natura 60" fabrics
  • Added 2 Natura 60" fabrics
  • Removed 1 Nite-Lite 61" fabric
  • Removed 1 Patio 500 61" fabric
  • Removed 16 Weathertyte 74" fabrics
  • Removed 7 Weathertyte Lite 74" fabrics
  • Added 14 Weathertyte Plus 74" fabrics
  • Added 6 Weathertyte Plus Lite 74" fabrics
  • Moved Natura fabric line from Herculite to Trivantage
  • Removed 14 Excel M 62" fabrics

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