The idea is simple. Instead of asking customers to imagine an awning, you show it to them. That's the promise of Awning Composer—revolutionary software that lets you digitally present an awning on a photo of a home or building. It's the innovative selling tool that gives fabricators the confidence to convert possibilities into realities, and prospects into loyal customers.

Version 5

Awning Composer is getting better all the time. And the next version is our best yet. In fact, we're eager to share the improvements we've made over the current software. You'll be amazed by what's available now. Click here to learn more about Awning Composer 5 and how you can download a free demo version today.

Innovative Approach

Awning Composer will transform the way you sell awnings. In the hands of your sales staff, it can be used on location to show customers what their home or business would look like with an awning attached. It also makes for an impressive presentation to help move the sale from consideration to close. Letting your customer sign off on the rendering gives you peace of mind knowing you'll deliver on what was promised.

New: Estimation

Awning Composer can now provide an estimate of the amount of materials and time needed to build an awning. As you design your awning you will know estimated costs and labor times for production and be able to quickly generate customer quotes.  Click here for more information.

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